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Tribute of the World Academy of Human Sciences


This man learned in a way to humanize psychoanalysis, discovered that through this science could know the unknown world of the unconscious, and this his walk became a humane man, learned in their relations of friendship and professional work, that psychoanalytic science offered a conceptual theory to understand the instances of these drives and emotions, but also a method of treatment of neuroses and psychoses.

Throughout his life he devoted his time to study and learn through the recesses of psychoanalytic science barbarism and also the potential of love, and thus realized that this theory and method can be applied to benefit their health and happiness. Understood that the unconscious was an endless source of creative potential of their unknown abilities, and thus sustained the defense of a comprehensive and multidimensional human unconscious. Then came his most important concept about “humanism” that all the experiences of his ancestors, are rooted in the memories of every human being, and each person is asked to evolve and develop the process of humanization.

Erich Fromm was a scientist who worked as a teacher in the William Alanson White Institute in New York, with a strong inclination to do research and develop projects for the promotion and prevention of mental health. He later became a major speaker at the invitation of the World Council for Peace, as a representative of the American peace movement in Congress in Moscú to discuss and issue a statement on nuclear disarmament.

His humanist thought was concerned with world peace, for it sought to scientists from various fields of knowledge to defend and plan joint actions in support of peace and human advancement. Were part of this group of scientists Albert Einstein, Martin Buber, Leo Baeck, Aldous Huxley and Bertrand Russell, Norman Thomas, Karl Polanyi, and over one hundred scientists and politicians to convince them to promote this process of humanization, the ethical commitment of all men of science for world peace and the struggle for nuclear disarmament.

Always dreamed of a society or academy bringing together people of different political and religious fields in science, to bring together a common effort to combat all forms of terrorism, violence and war, which could affect life on our planet. On this occasion invited Karl Rahner, Jean Danielou, Albert Schweitzer, Paul Tillich, Robert Oppenheimer, to represent science and philosophy, Adam Schaff, Daisetz T. Suzuki, to defend the permanence of humanism in ethics and human conditions of social and cultural prosperity .

Fromm, was convinced that science should be involved in the preservation of human life and the only way would be to maintain the ethical values ​​of social justice and education as a means to that man could develop and learn through science, the ways for the solution of their social and cultural problems. And nothing more deserving part of the humanist psychoanalysts to offer a tribute to prestige the memory of a man who turned his life to create the conditions of love and trust in the human potential of every human being on this planet. An advocate of peace among men. As a humanist psychoanalyst knew the instincts of fear could extend around the obsessions of power, greed, selfishness, narcissism, falsehood, social exclusion, could be the source of wars and all kinds of violence. Psychoanalysis as science could lead man to know himself deeper and recognize that in his bowels is this sleeping monster known as sadism, a thirst for death and destruction. This science should be socialized in a commitment to bring the intimate knowledge of these impulses of love and hatred, Biophilia (Love life) and Necrophilia (Pleasure to kill and destroy), understand that this way of solution of the neuroses might lead man to this humanization process.

Welcome everyone to our academy, our thoughts and actions can be added to other human minds that are humane and committed to a humanism able to save the man’s agony wars, violence and all forms of terrorism and authoritarianism that men of intelligence and science are aware of the ethical and social commitment to solidarity in the struggle for a more just and decent society for all mankind. Scientists are men of special nobility because they think the solution and promote new discoveries in various fields of knowledge, for this reason, are special and must be committed by the socialization of scientific knowledge, this love of science can be extended to the love of men, and know that their contribution could save lives and steer a path of evolution of methods and social activities in order to find the answers that the world needs to live in peace, that hatred, greed, power, selfishness, falsehood, are completely banned in this our human and social utopia.