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About Us


Art. 1 – The World Academy of Humanities was founded on 04 October 2014 On the record number N14000009305 the city of Miami- Florida Department of State, (EEUA), and also by the European Union registration number 935324441, with the primary objective of congregation of scientists from various fields of knowledge and other countries, for the defense of world peace, human rights and human development, these effective members of the academy will receive a diploma, credential, Copy of the Statute, with the title of honorary consul or Ambassador who exercises his diplomatic services for promotion of peace between the Nations. It is a private association incorporated for an indefinite time, nonprofit with headquarters in the city of Santa Maria-RS, seeking volunteer help to develop scientific studies and research for the promotion of mental health, education and training the potential intelligence of all citizens of our country, and in any part of our planet.

§ 1 – Over the years, the Academy may promote seminars, meetings, publications, conventions, scientific exchange, raising funds from public or private entities for the implementation of their science projects. May conduct exchanges with entities from other countries who are interested in practicing the science and research studies that both have an interest.

§ 2 – At some point with the right planning may arrange meetings in public places to be chosen to give possession to the new member of the academy, highlighting the major contributions of these scientists, in the municipal, state, federal or international level, for the community to know the humanitarian scientific production, partners or other natural and exact areas. Travel expenses of the board, by plane, hotel must be paid by the ambassador or consul who receives the credential.

§ 3 – The Academy has as its noble mission to socialize the scientific knowledge, for this reason, all the collaboration will be voluntary in order to disseminate science, with the aim of promoting peace among nations. The exceptional character of this academy competes to help shape new scientists in diverse areas of knowledge that do not have the means to pay their qualification, therefore, donations and intellectual help of scientists of this academy are indispensable.

Art. 2 – The World Academy of Human Sciences aims to promote the psychic, social sciences and education.

a); Psychoanalytic Sciences b) psychic sciences, c) science in education; d) Earth Sciences;

e) Biological Sciences; f) Biomedical Sciences; g) Technological Sciences; h) Agricultural Sciences;

i) Engineering Sciences; j) Social Sciences; l) Health Sciences; m) Anthropological Sciences; n) Cultural Science. O) Economics.

Sole Paragraph – The Board may remove and add new areas of knowledge to accept the new scientists who will make up this entity.

Art. 3 – In order to better organize their activities, the chairman may appoint units in the following regions; south, north, Midwest, southeast, northeast, delegating these AMBASSADORS OR DIPLOMATIC CONSULES the power to advertise and appoint new members, but the appointment and your credential should always bear the name of the general president of the scientific organization in exercise.


Art. 4 – Every scientist should attach their doctoral degree or honoris causa to his resume. These researcher scientists will have the following distinction:

  • Effective Members; Honorary members; Founding members; Members with distinction.

Sole Paragraph – We will not limit a number of members. To join as a effective Member, one must be a scientist, holder of a doctorate or honorary degree.

Art. 5 -. Scientists from all over the world will be accepted, the only condition is the presentation of his curriculum vitae and diploma attesting to their qualifications. There is no determined time in the exercise of scientific practice.

Art. 6 – a diploma and medal of honor to the scientific merit to all scientists who have national and international projection may be granted.

Art. 7 – Scientists should be people who are providing relevant social or humanitarian services to the Brazilian nation or elsewhere in the world. As usual every member will receive a BADGE of Honorary Consul or Ambassador to pursue science in the service of world peace and promote citizenship and the welfare of organic and psychic health of human beings.

Art. 8 – Each member who is inducted honorary ambassador for under this condition may submit new scientists to join the academy through a letter.

§ 2 – After elected board members will take a six-year term in office, and may be renewed upon approval and description in the minutes of the voting members.

Art. 9 – World Academy of Human Sciences may grant the title of associate member to companies or entrepreneurs who are interested in making financial donations to carry out scientific research in various fields of knowledge.

Sole Paragraph – Financial donations may be used for the promotion of science and research, the board may designate the area in which those resources from these donations from individuals and corporations will apply.

Art 10 -. Obligations and duties of members participating in the World Academy of Humanities.

  • Comply with the rules and provisions of the Statute, in addition to observing the decisions of the General Assembly.

  • To promote seminars, debates, research, scientific initiation courses, projects that facilitate world peace and contribute to the maintenance of the heritage of the institution.

  • The directors of this institution may in some specific cases issue a HONORIS DOCTOR CAUSE title, for recognition and appreciation of the scientist in its field.


Sole Paragraph – All duly affiliated academic scientists to this organization shall pay the tuition annually for the maintenance of the institution, the board has full authority to set tuition fees each year.

Art. 11 -. Rights of the partners-members of this academy.

  • submit scientific articles and projects in the scientific area promoted by the Academy.

  • Direct oneself if necessary to the ethics committee and oversight to make any investigation or complaint against a member of the academy.



Art 12 -. The general assembly brings together all the scientists who are properly associated with this organization, all members can make their vote by mail, using the services of the internet, facilitating their participation. Should always be present PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENT, or any board member whos partnership becomes necessary.

13 -. It is up to the board to convene its members to conduct regular and special sessions.

Art. 14th – The president of the academy may in exercise of its powers to call the Assembly in the following terms:

a) Election of directors to be held every six years.

b) The election may be held with number of members duly affiliated to this organization and your vote will be online via internet.

c) may be assigned appointments of Ambassadors and CONSULES to positions of importance, such as; secretary of international relations, human rights, health promotion and prevention of social peace, justice and citizenship, science and technology development, dissemination and promotion of science in schools and universities, promoter of financial resources, and other positions that may be necessary.

d) Every year a balance of inputs and outputs of the academy shall be submitted and sent to all members who are affiliated with this organization.

e) shall be elected; those who have the highest number of votes. Officers and board of ethics and accounting oversight.

f) The candidate member of the board as president should be the areas of humanities and social sciences.

g) All effective members of this board should have the title of doctor, it is not necessary to be recognized by the Department of Education or Capes. The board has full autonomy to accept or reject an application for membership in this organization.

§ 2 – In case of a tie in elections should be deemed elected the one who is the oldest member and founder of this organization.

Art 15 -. Meetings and decisions of the Ordinary General Assembly shall be made the first call on the day and set time, after an hour of the first call the meeting follows with any number of members present.

§ 1 – Note that members may vote via the internet or by mail, so the “number of people” not conditional on being present.

Art 16 -. Assembly of members can be used to be called by the president without a specific number of people present.

  • There may be meetings by summoning to decide the names of persons who will receive the title of Chairman Emeritus, RELEVANT SERVICES PROVIDED BY THE INSTITUTION.

  • to amend the Bylaws; or to terminate the activities of this organization.


Art 17 – The organs of the administration of the Academy: a) the Board;. b) the Ethics Council and Supervision; Scientific Committee;

Art. 18th – The board should have a PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENT, (2) Treasurer and Vice (03) Board of Ethics and supervision; (03) Scientific Committee.

The Board of the Academy shall consist of President, Treasurer, a representative of ethics and audit committee; and another of the Scientific Committee.

Sole Paragraph – The Academy may appoint honorary ambassadors in the following continents of the world: We live on the mainland, which is surrounded by ocean waters. This part is divided into six continents: South America, Central America, North America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania and Antarctica.

Art. 19 – The appointment of five ambassadors, distributed as follows will be made: South, Southeast, Midwest, Northeast and North.

These officers may be appointed by the President Ambassador delegating powers to the CONSULES And AMBASSADORS to represent the organization in these continents.

Art. 20 – The Executive Board: a) Follow the guidelines prescribed in the statute; b) decide on relevant topics that are not described in this constitution; c) have power to assign or approve the acceptance of the 9th scientists; d) Getting grants and donations from individuals or corporations to assist in the maintenance budget gym; e) Contain and decide on investments and forms of fundraising donations. f) Appoint ambassadors fees for executive positions in Brazil and in other continents. g) To appoint an Honorary Ambassador to assume a position in case of withdrawal of any member of the board. h) The scientific committee is charged with studying issues of relevance to research in the areas of human and technological sciences. i) Announce the mandatory membership dues of each member, the President may remove from office or even the organization those members who fail to pay the annuity.

Art 21 -. Duties of the President and its Board.

a) Delegate a representative to defend the interests or resolve legal or lawful order before any court or elsewhere; thus representing the academy.

b) Call the members to assembly meetings, appoint ambassadors and close positions that are not required.

d) Nominate persons responsible for disseminating science and research in academia. Release a report input and output of the organization’s revenues each year.

Sole Paragraph – The case of withdrawal of the president, the act assumes the vice president.


Art 22 -.The Board of ethics and supervision will be attended by three members.

Art 23 -.The Board of ethics and supervision in conjunction with the accounting officer may accompany the financial report of the academy and approves it duly recorded in the minutes and signed by the members.

Art 24 -. Incumbent upon the Board of Ethics and Auditing.

a) Submit a report each year from donations and investments, seminars, research, scholarships, funding of research projects.

b) The chairman of the organization sign the books of account and balances made ​​annually in conjunction with the accounting officer.

d) The President may accept any sum of values ​​for use in teaching and research of this institution, and there is a limit to be set.


Art 25 -. A scientific committee of this academy humanities may be nominated by the Chairman, who may appoint scientists for specific research areas.

§ 1 – The scientific committee may examine projects for human and social area with the aim of promoting world peace, human rights and the eradication of illiteracy.

§ 2 – Each ambassador sworn in their specific area of science should disseminate their work and scientific research that is of relevance and importance to national and international society

Art 26 -. Incumbent upon the Scientific Committee.

a) Assist the President to appoint and deliver titles and honors to foreigners who have rendered outstanding services to science scientists from all continents, and national.

b) Graduates receive the title of ambassadors her humanitarian work without any bond of work or financial gain, because it is a non-profit organization.

c) This appointment is a humanitarian service that provides a significant contribution to world peace and human rights, freedom of expression, the realization of democracy. This work is free and voluntary.

d) The scientific committee may sign agreements and partnerships and conduct scientific studies in research with other scientists from various part of our planet. This includes, Institutions, Universities, Institutes, Trade Unions, Schools, City Halls, etc.

Art. 27  – The diplomat who represents through its honorary Embassy in loans of its humanitarian and social service, may make donations to the organization, such as property, land, houses, and other financial resources that are important to the organization.

§ 1 – The Effective member who receives a title of HONORARY AMBASSADOR, TO PROVIDE his diplomatic services of WORLD PEACE, must fill out a form with all your data, this includes; number of its identity, CPF (SSN), Name of the Father and Mother, full name, residential and business address, a short curriculum vitae summarized in verse; digital signature, photo and tie when making the HONORARY AMBASSADOR Identity Card. acting as a DIPLOMAT for the service of world peace.

§ 2 – Once submitted the form, the documents will be sent to your email address upon payment of the first annual fee to be fixed by the board and other optional expenses of issuance of this document service.

§ 3 – All candidates should submit their curriculum vitae, accompanied by a photocopy of your diploma or doctoral degree.

Art 28 -. Once approved it will be posted on the Academy website and its photo summarized curriculum vitae with professional address and email correspondence.

§ 3 – Any ethical denounces of academy members should be investigated and judged by evidence by the ethics and oversight that has the power to send him away from the organization committee.


Art 29 -. The academy shall own property, rooms, houses, buildings and anything that is necessary for its perfect functioning.

Art 30 -. ‘Management of the World Academy of Human Sciences can buy, sell and make investments that bring benefits to the institution; these decisions can be made after written in the record and signed by the board.

Art 31 -. Decision by the board may sell, buy and sell real estate.

Article 32 – Entry of financial resources in the Academy.:

a) The value of the annuity paid by members each year to the academy.

b) Donations and financial support to state, local and federal agencies, and private companies.

  c) Collection of financial funds through courses and seminars.

Sole Paragraph – This revenue may be applied to pay the costs and maintenance of the gym so all directors may receive wages, because it is a humanitarian and social service, the judge in those cases that may be necessary for the proper management progress and administration of the institution.


Art 33 -. Ambassadors received this degree through the academy, so invested in this post of diplomacy to defend peace and promote human being, socializing scientific knowledge through partnerships with universities and other organizations.

Art 34 -. Applicants who do not have the title of doctor, but having the master may receive the title of HONORARY CONSUL.

Art 35 -. CONSUL OR THE AMBASSADOR’s Work in this scientific academy should be voluntary and free, for the promotion of world peace and human rights.

Art 36 -. Occurring dissolution of the Academy, its assets will be allocated to the Institute of Humanistic Psychoanalysis Santa Maria-RS.


Art 37 -. All members receive a BADGE OF HONORARY CONSUL OR AMBASSADOR, being awarded the title of Ambassador GENERAL. When you treat yourself to organize and chair a position of relevance within the organization.

                           This statute has already been approved at an extraordinary General Assembly held on October 30, 2014.

Note: The record of the Extraordinary General Assembly of the World Academy of Human Sciences, held on October 30, 2014, in which the text of the statute was approved, was filed in the civil registration of legal persons of the district of Santa Maria-RS, under the number,____________ and endorsed on the matriculation book _______ ______ on October 30, 2014.